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Unity LED Lighted Mirror 2

About Cordova Home Products

Cordova offers a value-priced alternative to Electric Mirror’s established line of luxury products. And while it’s hard to beat Cordova prices, it’s our elegant designs, beautiful lighting and quality craftsmanship that really set us apart from the others.

Five reasons why our products stand out from the competition.

When you choose a Cordova lighted mirror you’re choosing to partner with the world’s leading purveyor of globally sourced lighted mirrors. Combining alluring designs with engineering expertise, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and reliability that is unmatched, and respected worldwide.

We’re able to produce our mirrors affordably by globally sourcing our manufacturing and choosing the most energy-efficient and robust materials for solid performance. This combination of smart sourcing and careful material selection allows us to create a quality product at a reasonable price.

Although we’ve reduced costs, we haven’t compromised a bit when it comes to beautiful design. With Cordova Home, we’ve rolled out an exquisite selection of contemporary styles, and in a range of standard sizing. We’re certain you’ll find exactly the right mirror to fit your style and budget.

Our lighted mirrors have been chosen time and again for their natural-looking light quality that creates a perfect reflection, and transforms the environment in which their featured. We offer a range of frosted light pattern design that provide both task and ambient lighting.

At Cordova, we put the customer first, and when you buy from us you can rest assured your lighted mirrors are backed by a solid company that stands behind its warranty. And on the rare occasion it’s needed, a company that provides industry-leading, U.S. based customer support.