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Charimsa LED Lighted Mirror 1 Residential by Cordova Mirrors

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Choosing lighted mirrors is about more than just choosing a product – it’s about choosing everything that goes with that product. While some mirrors may look similar on the surface, it’s what’s behind the mirror that counts.

Five reasons why choosing Cordova is the smart decision.

When it comes to lighted mirrors, of course you want the best. But your budget calls for lower-priced mirrors, and you’re concerned about the quality associated with inferior imports and knock-offs.

Electric Mirror, the global leader in mirror technology, solves this problem with Cordova Hospitality, a collection of premium globally-sourced products offered at competitive prices. With Cordova, you’ll never have to cut corners or settle for cheap, second-best alternatives. Cordova offers exactly what you’re looking for: high quality, at a value price, from a name you can trust.

Cordova lighted mirrors, wardrobe mirrors, and makeup mirrors are designed to Electric Mirror’s exacting specifications, right down to the last detail. Developed through over 20 years’ experience in perfecting lighted mirror technology, these specifications ensure you’re getting the best value-priced mirrors available. Electric Mirror even has offices in China, including a dedicated quality management team, to ensure every Cordova product meets the highest standards.

Cordova products are meticulously built using superior quality globally-sourced materials, including Electric Mirror-specified LEDs and drivers. The mirrors are made from the highest grade of globally-produced mirror glass available, and include a flawless, pencil-polished edge, instead of a mundane chamfer beveled edge. With Cordova, you get a quality look designed to last. And if for some reason something does go wrong, Electric Mirror has you covered.

Most mirrors from China are shipped as completely assembled units, which makes installation extremely challenging. Because they arrive in one piece the mirrors are heavier and far more complicated to install, requiring two installers, which at a minimum doubles the installation cost. The mirrors have fixed, blind hanging holes, requiring precise placement of the hanging screws to ensure the mirrors hang level. The AC connectors are often in a fixed position, further necessitating exact alignment. And if any errors – even slight – are made during installation, they’re virtually impossible to correct.

By contrast, Cordova lighted mirrors arrive in two pieces: an intelligently-designed chassis and a premium mirror with a simple hanging bracket on the back. The chassis has a clearly visible center keyhole, specifically engineered for initial placement and mirror self-leveling. It includes multiple hanging holes for proper alignment with the supporting structure, and a large opening to allow for easy AC connection. The chassis can be quickly, easily and correctly installed by a single person, and the mirror can be effortlessly hung on the chassis in just a few seconds.

With most imported mirrors, you have to wait 10 to 14 weeks for delivery, as the mirrors not only need to be manufactured, they also endure weeks of ocean shipping just to get to you. If you need something quickly, you’re likely out of luck.

Cordova solves this problem by offering a number of in-stock items through both our domestic and international distribution centers. If you need something fast, we have products ready for immediate shipment.

Many companies are new to the lighted mirror industry and claim to be experts, when in fact they’re nothing more than a U.S. storefront with a few employees, relying on 3rd party vendors overseas. They’re focused on generating short-term sales, versus creating and nurturing long-term relationships.

When you work with Cordova, you get an experienced company that’s been around a long time. Products that strike the perfect balance between quality and value. A best-in-class customer service team that exceeds your expectations. A warranty, that while rarely needed, is genuine, extensive, and clear. And a reputation that’s widely known and respected throughout the home and hospitality industries.