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Frequently Asked Questions


Installation instructions can be found here. As an overview, each Cordova Mirror consists of three major parts: The mirror chassis, internal components (such as LEDs, drivers, and wiring), and the mirror surface. The mirror chassis is a metal frame that is affixed to the wall, and contains the internal components. After the mirror chassis is mounted, the mirror surface simply hangs on the chassis.

No. Our mirrors can only be mounted according to the width and height orientation originally ordered. The mirror surface has metal tabs installed on the back that allow the mirror to hang on the mirror chassis (a thin metal box that contains the electrical components, LEDs, and mounting mechanisms). If the mirror surface, or both the mirror surface and mirror chassis were turned at any angle other than the one designed, the mirror surface would not be able to be attached to the wall.

A 1″ clearance is needed above the top edge of the mirror to hang the mirror properly. Additionally, maintain .25″ on the left, right, and bottom of the mirror to allow for installation tolerances.

The Charisma and Unity mirrors can be partially recessed. The overall 2″ depth includes the 1.75″ chassis plus the .25″ mirror. The chassis features a white powder-coated finish and is designed to be surface mounted to the wall. However, if you would like to recess the lighted mirror, ensure the mirror face is proud of the wall and only the chassis is recessed. We recommend recessing the chassis to a depth that allows ¼” between the back of the mirror and the wall.

The chassis comes ready to hardwire for 120V-240V. The power whip should come through the back of the unit for the hardwire connection. A 36″ long power whip can be prepared 12″ down from the top of the mirror and centered from left to right. A quick disconnect is included so the wires can easily be connected. No J-Box is required.


The Cordova Home mirrors come standard with dimmable LEDs. The LEDs can either be controlled by a standard on/off wall switch or a forward-phase dimming switch, such as the Leviton IPL06-10Z (not included). Whether using an on/off switch or a forward-phase dimming switch, the wiring required is a hot, neutral, and ground, 120V or 240V hardwire connection.


The LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours.

Typically we do not recommend using a lighted mirror as the only source of bathroom lighting. We recommend having overhead lighting in addition to the lighted mirror to create ideal conditions.

Warranty and Damage

If your product arrives damaged, there is a 5-day window to make a claim. You must take photos of the packaging and the damaged product and send it to your sales representative who will work with you to file a claim. You must not install a product before taking photos of the damage. As long as these steps are followed, there is no charge for replacement.