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Cordova Home Installation Instructions


Lighted mirrors include three components: a wall cleat, magnetic catch plates and the mirror fixture. Mounting holes are provided in the wall cleat and the catch plates for ease of installation. After the cleat and catch plates are mounted, the mirror fixture is hung on the wall cleat. Magnets at the bottom of the fixture will connect with the catch plates holding the bottom of the fixture to the wall.

The mirror fixture is designed to be surface mounted to your wall. However, if you would like to recess the unit, ensure the mirror face is proud of the wall and only the LED extrusion and power box are recessed. Units with wall glow should not be recessed. Mirror fixture should be mounted to wall studs or other suitable backing material.

A 1″ clearance is needed above the top edge of the mirror to hang the mirror properly. Additionally, maintain .25″ on the left, right, and bottom of the mirror to allow for installation tolerances.

The chassis comes ready to hardwire for 120V. The power whip should come through the back of the unit for the hardwire connection. A 36″ long power whip can be prepared 12″ down from the top of the mirror and centered from left to right. A quick disconnect is included so the wires can easily be connected. No J-Box is required.

Width x Height Orientation

Fixture can only be hung in the WxH orientation as shown; fixture is not field-interchangeable.