Cordova Home Lighted Mirrors

The Cordova Home collection features our six most popular lighted mirrors, each offering beautiful natural lighting in a unique and contemporary design.

Incorporate Charisma™ into your design and be charmed by the sleek symmetrical lines and natural lighting of this on-trend masterpiece.

Bring a touch of Grandeur™ to your bathroom with the well-balanced shape, sleek lighted border, and tranquil wall glow of this timeless lighted mirror.

Create a unique Harmony™ of light and reflection with this modern alternative to wall sconces that combines forward-facing task lighting and wall-glow ambiance.

Imbue a sense of Mystique™ with a romantic circle of brilliant light inset from a crisp, polished border that boldly illuminates your space with classic elegance.

Combine the Prestige™ of a refined perimeter of forward-facing task lighting with rich, luxurious wall glow to bathe your room in a halo of contemporary style.

Create a sense of Unity™ between light and mirror with the concentric design of a precision inset pattern of light surrounded by a bold reflective border.